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360 o Total Security Services

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    Our Vision

With the growing awareness and demand for electronic security and surveillance systems today, and with rapidly developing technology, ELEZABY CCTV are at the forefront in providing commerce and industry with high-tech surveillance solutions. Counting amongst leading commercial and industrial organisations, ELEZABY CCTV will provide you with the expertise and professionalism to meet your current and future requirements.

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    Our Mission

We aim and work towards the continuous development of our staff by training and support. We recruit ethically and provide them with the opportunity to develop their own abilities and recognise that they make a valued contribution to the company, ELEZABY will maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in our relationships with clients and suppliers .

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    Our Goals

The goal of the CCTV system is to enhance the safety and security of residents, workers and visitors , while vigorously respecting the privacy rights of individuals.
The system provides law enforcement with real-time, visual information during major events such as demonstrations, presidential inaugurations and marches. During periods of heightened alert, the system allows police to monitor public spaces around key installations that are at risk of terrorist attacks.









Safety in your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

To ensure that your items are safe at all times all
ELEZABY Company Sites have the following security measures in place as standard;
Access control
Security lighting
Internal and external colour CCTV cameras for 24 hour surveillance recorded to a digital video recorder

360 o Total Security Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Why CCTV Secure 360 ?
Residential Security
Commercial Requirements
C-Mount CCTV 75%
Day/Night CCTV 78%
Infrared/Night Vision CCTV 80%
Network/IP CCTV 70%

Fire alarm system

An alarm system apparatus includes a plurality of sets of smoke or heat detectors located throughout a building. A plurality of automatic telephone dialers are also located in the building and each dialer has at least one set of smoke or heat detectors operatively connected thereto. A plurality of localized alarms are connected to the automatic dialer for actuation by the detectors and each automatic dialer is connected to a phone line into a microcomputer having stored thereon the position of each smoke and heat detector. The microcomputer, in turn, has a modem coupling it through the phone lines to a remote terminal. The microcomputer includes a connector for coupling a mobile terminal to the computer from the exterior of the building. In addition, the auto dialer is equipped with a relay for switching in an auxiliary battery supply in the event of power loss.

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